Girls Gone Wise: The Ways of Wisdom & the Pitfalls of Foolishness – Alane Kovach

Few pursuits of the human heart predate our search for wisdom.  As Proverbs opens in a family setting, the time is at hand when the line must be crossed for each to move into maturity.  The choice between Wisdom and Folly must be made. The art and skill of fearing God must be practiced in every area and each circumstance.  In this brief peek at proverbial wisdom, we will learn what it is to acquire wisdom, and with all our acquiring, get understanding.

When Truth is Upside Down: Reflections from Psalm 73 – Kate Fuller

Discouragement. We’ve all experienced it. Sometimes when we look around, from our neighborhood to the world stage, we think “What in the World is going on? Good things keep happening to bad people. Why do I even bother to be good?” Psalm 73 shows us firsthand where this faulty thinking leads us and shows us how to find our way back to truth. We’ll explore the meaning of God’s goodness and God’s blessings all through the lens of the Gospel. By renewing our minds through Scripture, we will remember the story we are in – one of redemption through Jesus Christ. Come view the world right side up and be encouraged!

Find a Mentor / Be a Mentor:  The Power of Mentor Leadership – Stephanie Brewer

Women are uniquely gifted and divinely called to mentor others. Now, more than ever, we need strong mentors guiding the next generation of parents, decision-makers and leaders, but the distinction between mentor, coach and manager can be blurry. What can we learn from Jesus’ model of mentoring? What does mentoring mean in the life of a Christ-follower? Why do mentor programs often fall short? People talk about the value of a mentor, but how do you find a mentor? How do you become a mentor?

This topic explores the origin of the mentor role, how it can (and often does) go astray and how to harness the value of real mentoring. Learn the power of being a MentorLeader, a MentorManager or a MentorMom, and how 5 simple actions, implemented consistently over time, can change your life and the lives of those around you. Learn to leverage 14 conversations to create dynamic, mentoring relationships. In the various roles you fill each day, whether at the beginning, middle or transition of your career, as a professional, a parent, a coworker, a friend, you have opportunities to share your wisdom and learn from others— and when you do it well, you will change the world.

Shame:  The Enemy of Your Soul – Linda Huffman

Shame is a primary tool of the enemy.  Whether others shame us, or we shame ourselves, the main message is “you are not worthy, you are not enough.”  The enemy introduced shame at the time of the Fall, but Jesus put an end to it at the cross. As His adopted children we have value and worth beyond compare. We’ll look at how shame destroys our worth and how the truth of the word and the power of the Holy Spirit free us from shame and declares us “worthy” women because of Jesus. 

Selfie: Does Anyone See Me?  –  Andrea Fortenberry

With so many roles, responsibilities, and people to care for, it’s easy for a woman to base her significance in what she does. Technology and social media often fuel our insecurities and leave us confused about who we truly are and where our true worth is found. In this session, Andrea Fortenberry will discuss identity and how God answers three crucial questions every woman ask herself.

Live Beyond Your Labels: Kicking Comparison & Crutches to the Curb – Laurie Davies

Some of us sing “I’m a child of God, yes I am” on Sundays with our mouths, but we struggle to believe it in our hearts. This workshop takes a fresh look at who the bible says we are, including what it means to be “fearfully made.” (Hint: it’ll floor you.) Once that’s settled, the devaluing words of others fall flat, the past loses its potency, and comparison gets a swift kick to the curb. You’ll leave with actionable strategies to help you step into high-octane lives of purpose and influence.

“Lie Detector”: Intentional Living in a Post-Truth Culture – Kristen McLaren

We live in a society that views truth as relative and rejects biblical absolutes. Are you prepared to defend what you believe? Can you spot the subtle lies that are infiltrating our world and even our churches? We will look at current issues in our culture and discuss how we can be equipped to answer to those who disagree and are being influenced by false teaching. The goal is to be women who “in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).

“All That’s Good” Rediscovering the Lost Art of Discernment – Beth Border

In a world of fast paced information, opinions and choices, how do we navigate right and wrong, good and bad?  Based on Hannah Anderson’s book, “All That’s Good”, we will look at discernment with confidence through the lens of God’s goodness and His redemptive plan in the world.

At His Feet: How a Radical Rabbi Liberated Women – Erica Wiggenhorn

Sparks fly when we start talking about the role of women in our churches. What role did women play in Jesus’ ministry? Taking a close look at the first century Jewish cultural and religious landscape paints a vivid picture of how God invited women to the work of the Kingdom. It also provides sharp color to more clearly apply these scriptural encounters to our lives today. Jesus commended Mary for her choice to sit and learn from Him. Let’s gather at His feet and grapple with our role and call in the Kingdom in our time and place in history.  

Hungry: Learning to Feed Your Soul with Christ  – Rondi Lauterbach

Do you ever feel like you have a spiritual eating disorder? Sometimes we simply ignore our hunger. Other times we hide in the closet and binge on junk food instead. Why? We know that the Bible is the food our souls need, but we don’t always know how to prepare a meal from the Scriptures. In this session you will gain biblical motivation and practical equipping for a lifetime of satisfying your soul with Jesus.

Belonging: How to Live Happy & Free with God, Yourself & Others – Catherine Baker

Research is showing that loneliness is killing more people than obesity and is on the rise as a cause to death in the first-world.  As Christians, we have the anecdote. Connection to God, to ourselves, and to each other. The prerequisite to connection is belonging. Experience Designer, Catherine Baker, will guide us through experiencing what it is to belong and give us a 5-part framework for tuning our relationships, our work, and our homes to be places where belonging is always present.  “God longs for every human being to come into His house and to know His love and care. It is only when we find our place in His family that we find joy and peace and salvation.” – Reverand Rod Solkema 

How to Help Your Anxious Teen: Discovering the Surprising Sources of Their Worries & Fears – Jessica Thompson

Description: Teen anxiety is on the rise. It has surpassed depression as the primary issue teens seek help for. In this session Jessica Thompson will look at several different reasons for this epidemic and will discuss how the gospel brings peace to teens and parents alike.

Girl, Read Your Bible: How Scripture Reveals a Right View of God & a Right Veiw of You -Annie Kingry

An interactive time to “taste the sweetness” of God’s Word that brings and sustains life.  Not just in the times of crises, but in the mundane moments of daily life.   A paradigm shift in your view of self because your view of God has been righted.  The Bible is enough for us today!